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Will Porcelain Veneers Stain?


Will Porcelain Veneers Stain?

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I recently got a set of porcelain veneers. I love them and want to do the best I can with them. I’ve tried to quit smoking but have had no success. I am worried that these will cause my veneers to stain the way they do my natural teeth. My dentist said I won’t have to worry but I can’t seem to help it. Do you mind if I get another second opinion?


Dear Abigail,

porclain veneer being placed on a tooth

I am glad you love your porcelain veneers. I have some great news for you. Porcelain veneers are very stain resistant. In fact, they are more stain resistant than your natural teeth. The edges of your teeth can stain, however, where your porcelain veneers bond with your teeth. There is a polishing procedure your dentist can do to get the shine to those back up. I would consider that regular maintenance.

There is something you can do to help as well. I recommend that you use Supersmile Toothpaste. This is specifically designed for cosmetic work. It will safely keep your porcelain veneers as clean as possible without damaging them the way over-the-counter whitening kinds of toothpaste do.

Other than that, you want to be careful at your dental check ups and cleanings. Not all dental hygienists understand cosmetic dentistry. Make sure the hygienist doesn’t use anything like a power prophy jet or acidulated fluoride. Talk to him or her about this before they set to work. If they use this, it will destroy the glaze on your porcelain veneers. That glaze is what protects your veneers. Without that, your porcelain veneers will completely start to pick up stains.

You will also find, though, that while your veneers will not pick up stains that easily, your natural teeth will. If you still have visible teeth that do not have veneers on them, you will want to periodically whiten them with teeth whitening. Don’t worry; the whitening procedure does not pose any risk of damage to your veneers.

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