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There are many things that can go wrong with dentures including an imperfect fit, unnatural-looking teeth, and problems with the bite and chewing. Dr. Michelle Stillman takes the time to create dentures that look and feel great. She pays such close attention to detail that no one will likely even know that your dentures are not your own teeth.

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What makes a high-quality denture?

There are many factors that go into making a quality denture, including the materials used for the teeth. Acrylic is popular, but it tends to look off-color. Real teeth have a depth of color and translucency that acrylic teeth cannot capture. For this reason, Dr. Stillman uses Ivoclar teeth from the DAL lab, a preferred lab with the Dawson Academy. DAL is a special lab in Illinois with a reputation for crafting quality dentures.

The materials used for the denture base vary widely in cost. Less expensive materials can distort the final fit of the denture, while more expensive materials may take more time to fabricate. Dr. Stillman uses top-grade, durable materials for the dentures she creates.

There is an artistic aspect to making realistic-looking teeth. It takes extensive training in color and fabrication, but it also takes a trained eye to make beautiful, natural smiles, and a willingness to listen to what the patient wants. Dr. Stillman is committed to making dentures that, besides being highly functional, give you a beautiful but natural-looking smile that no one will know is not your own teeth.

To this end, Dr. Stillman takes special care to fit the dentures she fabricates. She uses custom trays to take impressions in two stages and has patients do a wax try-in to beta test the teeth before they are finalized.

Limitations with Dentures

You can be sure that dentures by Dr. Stillman will look beautiful and natural and fit accurately and comfortably. However, it is important to note that even the most carefully crafted dentures will not function the same as your own natural teeth, and some chewing efficiency will be lost. To address this limitation and further improve structural support, Dr. Stillman also offers implant-supported dentures. Read more about the benefits of this technique on our implant overdentures page.

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