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Mt. Dora Implant Overdentures

If your dentures are constantly shifting in your mouth or rubbing against your gums, you may want to consider implant overdentures. This technique uses surgically implanted posts to anchor the dentures and keep them from slipping around or falling out.

Advantages of implant-supported overdentures

Implant support eliminates several issues that are commonly experienced with removable dentures.

  • Fit – Implant overdentures are securely fixed to your jawbone much like your own natural teeth are by their roots. By contrast, traditional dentures are held in place by the soft tissues of your mouth and can be easily dislodged by your tongue when eating or speaking.
  • Functionality – Because of their mobility, even the best-fitting removable denture will offer only about 50% chewing efficacy. Usually it will be considerably less than that. But when the denture is secured by implants, chewing efficacy is restored to nearly 100%. It will feel like you have your own natural teeth back.
  • Bone stimulation – Dental implants stimulate and preserve the jaw, preventing bone loss and accompanying facial collapse that occurs following tooth extraction.
  • Comfort – Implant overdentures feel and look more like your own teeth. You can rest assured that your dentures won’t lift or fall out at embarrassing times. A more stable fit also means less rubbing and irritation for your gums.

What to expect

There are two different ways to get implant overdentures. The denture can be made first and then adapted to the implants, or the implants can be placed first and then the denture made over the implants. This means that if you have an existing denture, it won’t necessarily have to be re-made but it may be able to be adapted to implant support. Visit our dentures page to read more about the added care she takes in crafting beautiful, natural-looking dentures.

If you’re a candidate for implant overdentures, Dr. Stillman will refer you to a surgeon for the implant placement. It may take three months or longer for your jawbone to fuse around the posts in a process known as osseointegration. After this initial healing period, the implants will be able to support your overdentures for decades to come.

If you’re interested in implant overdentures, call our office at (352) 424-6047 or request an appointment online. If you have additional questions for Dr. Stillman before you commit to your first appointment, ask for a complimentary consultation.