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Holistic Dental Concerns

Our physical health is under constant stress from environmental impacts, the foods we eat, and the medicines we take. For some people, the possibility of toxins in the dental materials used to restore their teeth is also of concern.

Dr. Stillman is committed to providing safe dental treatments for all of her patients, including those concerned about the potential long-term effects of mercury-based amalgam fillings or those with metal sensitivities.

She uses mercury-free composite fillings for patients of all ages. For more complex restorations, Dr. Stillman offers metal-free, all-porcelain crowns and bridges. These treatment options are just one of the ways that Dr. Stillman helps bring peace of mind to patients with holistic dental concerns.

Healthy Teeth for a Healthier Body

Beyond the materials used to restore teeth, Dr. Stillman recognizes that the entire body suffers when teeth are painful or lost.

The first steps of digestion begin in the mouth. When you take a bite of food, your teeth and saliva help break the bites into smaller pieces. After swallowing, your saliva helps to neutralize any acids from your food or drink. When patients cannot comfortably or adequately chew their food, they can suffer stomach pain or digestive issues. When patients lose saliva, they can suffer from painful dry mouths or increased rates of tooth decay.

Dr. Michelle Stillman goes beyond simply treating teeth and works to treat the entire patient as a whole. By considering the factors that lead to decay in the first place, she helps you understand how maintaining better home care or making dietary changes can improve your oral and overall health.

She analyzes your health history and identifies any medications you take that may lead to dry mouth. She works to help find a solution to restore your saliva for improved comfort and digestion.

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If you’re experiencing dry mouth or tooth pain that makes it difficult to chew your food properly, call to schedule an exam appointment with Dr. Stillman. She will work with you to achieve and maintain good oral health so that you can enjoy greater whole-body health.