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Will Decaying Wisdom Teeth Fall Out On Their Own?


Will Decaying Wisdom Teeth Fall Out On Their Own?

Posted by writeradmin

I have teeth that are in fairly good shape, with the exception of my wisdom teeth. They are quite decayed. My question is, will they just sort of fall apart on their own? Most of them are halfway decayed. One is in bits and pieces. I’m in my mid-thirties so I assume that there are risks for wisdom tooth removal at this point. Would I be better off just letting them decay? I have had no pain so I have not felt an urgency to deal with it.


Dear Keith,

A woman touching the side of her face, clearly in pain.

One of the reasons you are not feeling pain is the fact that the teeth are broken open. If there is an infection, the openness of the tooth gives it somewhere to go. While it is possible that you could just let it go and they could painlessly crumble on their own, there is some risk with that.

If there is decay, and we are sure there is, it could be spreading to other teeth causing widespread decay. However, if an infection develops, it will have nowhere to go in those teeth which will lead to a painful abscess. This is how many dental emergencies start. The treatment for this is a root canal treatment. In all honesty, I think you are safer getting these decaying teeth out and not risk decay spreading.

I know you said the rest of your teeth are in good shape, but to be safe, I think you need to have a cleaning and checkup just to make sure there is nothing else going on that may be sneaking up on you.

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