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Will a Dental Flipper Make My Teeth Look Straight?


Will a Dental Flipper Make My Teeth Look Straight?

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I have some crooked teeth that I really want to look straight, but I am in my 40s and feel I am too old to get braces. I’ve heard that a dental flipper can make my teeth look straight. Before I go invest in this with a dentist, can you tell me if that is a possibility?


Dear Logan,

Image of a dental flipperI’m glad you wrote. I think there is some confusion in terminology. A dental flipper is a tooth replacement option (pictured left). This will not do what you are thinking. My guess is the person that told you about a dental flipper meant Snap-on Smile. This is an acrylic appliance that will snap over your current teeth. There are some things to be aware of with this.

First, it will look a bit bulky. This is because it has to fit over teeth you already have. Second, because it is made of acrylic, it will not look completely natural up close. Third, I would not expect this to last more than three years.

That may have made you a bit depressed. Before you go grab a tub of ice cream, let me tell you there is a much better solution for you.


Side by side image of traditional braces versus Invisalign
Traditional Braces versus Invisalign

I know you said you are too old for traditional braces. I completely understand not wanting a mouth full of metal. You may not know about Invisalign yet. This is an advancement in orthodontics that can straighten your teeth with zero metal. Invisalign uses clear aligners. It allows you to straigten your teeth without anyone even knowing you are doing it. This is a great way to get that straight smile you wanted without a mouth full of braces.

Additionally, it has a hidden benefit of allowing you to whiten your teeth simultaneously. The aligners are custom-fitted. This means they can safely double as teeth whitening trays. I would simply ask your dentist to provide you with professional strength teeth whitening gel. You will simply place it in your Invsialign aligners to wear for a minimum of 20 minutes. The longer you wear the gel, the faster you will whiten, but the time is completely up to you. Between that and Invisalign, you are getting a mini smile makeover for a fraction of the cost.

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