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Should I Have Gotten Porcelain Veneers While Pregnant?


Should I Have Gotten Porcelain Veneers While Pregnant?

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I just found out I am two months pregnant. I am thrilled, but am having a moment of panic. About a month ago, I had porcelain veneers done. I had no idea I was pregnant at the time. On a list of things my dentist gave me about things to avoid during pregnancy was cosmetic dental work. Now I am panicked I did something that could hurt my baby. Was I wrong to get the porcelain veneers?


Dear Amelia,

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First and foremost, congratulations!!! How exciting that you are going to have a baby. I can already tell that you are going to be a good mother because you are concerned about your procedure. While typically we would tell a patient not to do cosmetic dental work during pregnancy, the porcelain veneers procedure does not use any medication that is dangerous during pregnancy. Porcelain veneers use Lidocaine. Not only is this safe for use during pregnancy, but it is even used in the delivery room.

When it comes to dental care during pregnancy, we try to schedule women during their second trimester. This is because the first trimester is the most dangerous for the baby and the third trimester is uncomfortable for the mom to sit in the chair for any extended period of time. In the second trimester, you are the most comfortable. Your morning sickness is over and you are still close to regular size.

The exception to all of the above is if you have a dental emergency. It is more important that you take care of the dental infection. Infections spread and can even pass through the umbilical cord. There are studies that link dental infections to low birth weight in babies.

All of that to say. Don’t panic. Your baby is not affected by the porcelain veneers. Go ahead and schedule your check up and cleaning now for the second trimester and you are good to go.

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