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Options for a Crooked Front Tooth


Options for a Crooked Front Tooth

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I don’t feel like I’m getting the best advice from my dentist. I have one crooked front tooth, but it is pretty bad and is a bit behind my front tooth. Here are the options I’ve been given:
1. Braces – totally makes sense, I’m just hoping to avoid being a metal mouth at my age.
2. Pulling the tooth and getting a dental implant – Not too thrilled about pulling a tooth.
3. Pulling the tooth and straightening them with Invisalign – won’t that look weird?


Dear Kaye,

Invisalign aligners

I’m not sure who your dentist is, but you have a right to feel uncomfortable with the advice you are getting from him. First and foremost, don’t let anyone pull this front tooth if it is healthy. That is just crazy talk.

And pulling the tooth and then straightening them? There are many different types of smiles that are beautiful, but the one consistent thing is that they need to look symmetrical. You already picked up on that naturally by realizing it would look odd. It would be like a cyclops but with teeth. A toothclops??

Invisalign can straighten your tooth without you having to remove it. When the Invisalign first came out, it was pretty much only good for the “ideal” cases. However, it has really come a LONG way and can now tackle some of the more challenging cases. Yours doesn’t even sound like it would be up there in the challenge list so it should be an ideal solution for you.

You should also know there is a hidden benefit. The aligners fit snuggly to your bite. This means that they can double as teeth whitening trays. Your Invisalign dentist (and I’m going to suggest you use someone other than your current dentist) can provide you with teeth whitening gel that you will wear in your aligners at a time most convenient to you. It’s like getting a smile makeover for a fraction of the cost.

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