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Implant Placed with Poor Bone Density


Implant Placed with Poor Bone Density

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I recently had a dental implant placed and am pretty seriously upset. When I woke up from the surgery, the dentist told me that the bone density was poor but he placed it anyway. Now, his suggestion is that we remove it and he give me a dental bridge. At the time, I was barely focused, but the more I think about it, the angrier I get. I don’t really want a dental bridge, so I have a couple of questions. 1. Is it still possible for me to get a dental implant? 2. Do you think I can get some of my money back from this dentist? This isn’t exactly a cheap procedure.


Dear Lou,

A diagram of the parts of a dental implant including crown and metal post..
Diagram of a dental implant.

I am sorry this happened to you! If you are in good general health and not dealing with gum disease, then you should be able to get a dental implant placed. Because of the bone density issue, you will need an additional procedure. You can have bone grafting done in order to build back up the density you need. This will be important in order to keep your dental implant secure. Your bone has to integrate The one your dentist placed will fail. This leads me to your second question.

Can you get a refund? Yes. Even if your dentist tries to say you are not entitled to one, he doesn’t have a leg (or tooth) to stand on. Part of basic dental care is providing a procedure that has a chance of succeeding. Yours does not. In fact, your dentist admitted knowing that when he placed it. How he thinks he can get away with this, I have absolutely no idea.

If he gives you any trouble, tell him you are going to the dental board. I believe how he handled this would fall under the category of malpractice.

When you go to have this redone, make certain you see a dentist with post-doctoral training in dental implants.

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