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Could My Dental Implants Have Messed Up My Sinuses?


Could My Dental Implants Have Messed Up My Sinuses?

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I feel like a ping pong ball getting whacked between my doctor and dentist. I had dental implants placed six months ago. Before this, I never had any sinus problems. Since the procedure, my sinus problems have been non stop. My dentist insists the dental implants are not the problem and sends me to my doctor. But, all my doctor does is prescribe different types of decongestants and antibiotics, none of which has solved my problem. Is there a possibility the dental implants are the culprit? It’s the only connection I’ve found. If so, how do I get my dentist to take me seriously?


Dear Catherine,

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What a nightmare! I am sorry you are going through this. To answer your first question, yes, it is a possibility that your dental implants are the problem with this. Your upper arch is very close to your sinus cavity and sometimes a dentist will accidentally perforate that cavity. There are procedures that he should have followed if this happened.

You did not mention if he did a CT scan before or after your dental implant procedure, but that would be essential. In the first case, it gives him an accurate layout so he can avoid things like nerves and sinus cavities. In the second case, it would have helped him diagnose if there was a perforation or infection more solidly.

In your place, I would request one and get a second opinion from another dentist with your CT scan. There will be a solution for you once the right data is gathered. If your dentist did perforate the cavity, he should take responsibility for its repair.

One word of advice when getting a second opinion. Just show the dentist the CT scan but do not tell him who your dentist was. They may be friends and it would put pressure on him to defend his friend. Get his unbiased opinion first.

As a warning to any other patients looking to get dental implants, make sure your dentist does a CT scan before placement is decided.

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