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Can I Get a Dental Implant if I Have Diabetes?


Can I Get a Dental Implant if I Have Diabetes?

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I lost a tooth and wanted to replace it with a dental implant. Unfortunately, my dentist said because I have type-1 diabetes that I am not a candidate. Is my condition really a contra-indication for dental implants? If so, what is the next best option for me?


Dear Benjamin,

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Having type-1 diabetes does not disqualify you from getting a dental implant. However, it is definitely a complicating factor. There are some things you need, such as careful pre-diagnostics in order to see if there are any special risk factors unique to you, as well as extra attentive care throughout the process.

Your dentist discouraging you from getting a dental implant tells me that he or she is not comfortable treating someone in your position. Do NOT push him to do it. What you need is a dentist with excellent dental implant credentials as well as successful experience. In your position, I would only go to someone who was a fellow with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. These will have both the requirements you need and be the best dentist for your needs.

It is always better if the dentist is trained to do the implant surgery themself, but if they can’t and need to send you to an oral surgeon it is important that it is the dentist who determines the placement of the implants, not the surgeon. Some oral surgeons try to flip that where you see them, the place the implants, collect your fee, and then send you to the dentist for the restorations. Too many patients have ended up with a dental implant horror story with this because when they reached the restoration dentist, they discovered the surgeon placed the implants in totally the wrong place.

So, you can get a dental implant. You just need to be careful about who does it and make sure they take the necessary care for your situation. If you take care to get the right dentist, the rest will take care of itself.

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