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Am I Too Ancient for Invisalign?


Am I Too Ancient for Invisalign?

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I spent most of my life in poverty. As a result I never was able to go to a dentist and I certainly couldn’t get braces. Now that I’m 67 years old I finally have some money. The first thing I did was get my teeth checked. I was sure they would be a disaster, but I only had one small cavity. I’ve taken care of that and would like to get my teeth straightened. However, I fear I am just a smidge too old for metal braces. Some young women in the Sunday School class I teach wear something called Invisalign Teen. You can’t tell they are wearing anything at all! Could I get that or am I a bit too ancient for that procedure?


Dear Amelia,

Invisalign aligners

First, let me say how amazing it is that you’ve gone your entire life without being attended to by a dentist and only had one cavity! You have taken very good care of your teeth. Way to go!

As to your question about being too “ancient” for Invisalign? Absolutely not. The procedure the young women in your church are using, Invisalign Teen, was actually marketed AFTER just plain old Invisalign. The procedure was originally designed for adults who, for reasons you understand, don’t want a mouth full of metal. Creating something that would straighten people’s teeth, while still being Invisible even at a conversational distance was a game changer for professionals trying to improve their smile.

There is not an age limit on Invisalign. In fact, some dentists I know that provide Invisalign get together and discuss cases. One of them has a patient who is in her upper 80s. Compared to her, you are just a pup!

I wanted to tell you about a hidden benefit to Invisalign that the younger set won’t know about. The aligners used to straighten your teeth can also double as teeth whitening trays. As we age, our teeth pick up stains. You can ask the dentist who does your Invisalign procedure to provide you with some teeth whitening gel. That will enable you to straighten and whiten your teeth at the same time for a fraction of the cost. It is like getting a mini smile makeover.

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