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Teeth Not Lining Up After Dental Bridge


Teeth Not Lining Up After Dental Bridge

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I had to replace four teeth on my lower left arch. I did it with an implant bridge that had two dental implants. Before this, my teeth all came together at the same time. With the dental implant bridge, the side with the implants are meeting when I bite down, but the teeth on the right are not touching at all. Is this normal or should I be concerned? If I should be concerned, what is the solution?


Dear Erica,

Dental Implant Bridge

This is not normal and needs to be adjusted. If left the way it is now, your bite will be thrown off even further and you will be at an increased risk of developing TMJ Disorder. It is best you have another dentist look at this. Unfortunately, there are not a lot of requirements before dentists can place dental implants. You will want to be careful who you have check this. The best dentists to deal with any type of dental implant situation, especially a complicated one like yours is with someone who is a fellow with the International Congress of Oral Implantologists. This way you are guaranteed they will have the training and experience you need.

There are two possibilities for what happneed here. Either the dentist placed the restorations incorrectly or the surgeon placed the dental implants in the wrong place. It is always best if the dentist can place the implants themselves. When that is not possible and you have a dentist and an oral surgeon working on the case, then it is imperative you see the dentist first and that it is the dentist who determines the placement of the implants.

If it is as bad as it sounds, this is going to have to be redone, so it will be important to figure out what went wrong first.
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