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Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening


Tanda Pearl Ionic Teeth Whitening

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I have been doing teeth whitening with a take home kit and it has really been aggravating my TMJ Disorder. I recently received an advertisement for a different kit called Tanda Pearl. They say their kit works in just five minutes. I think that the short time period will be helpful to the pain I am feeling in my jaw. Have you seen this system? Does it work? Is it safe?


Dear Pamela,

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Teeth Bleaching Trays

I’ve looked at this system carefully. Here is what I can tell you. First, the good news. It does use a valid whitening ingredient. It is not as strong as what you would get through a dentist but it will work. That being said, I do have some concerns. I should say right off the bat that it doesn’t appear to have anything unsafe. I just don’t think it will help in your situation. Here is why.

The way their trays are designed will significantly weaken its potency as well as expose your gums and other soft tissue to the peroxide gel. You mold the tray to your bite at home. It will not be a snug fit. This means it will not keep saliva out of the tray, nor will it keep the whitening gel in the tray.

When your saliva enters the tray, it dilutes the gel. When the gel leaks from the tray, that is more of a dilution because the gel isn’t even on your teeth. Instead, it is roaming around on your gums and things. Not only does diluted gel mean it will take more kits to get your teeth whitened, but if you have some risky issues like receding gums, then you could end up with some pain or even needing a root canal treatment.

Another issue with this tray is what it will do to your TMJ. Tanda Pearl uses a single tray for both arches, which you have to hold in place by biting down on it. This will actually make the pain you are experiencing with your TMJ even more pronounced, even with just 5 minutes of use.

I am curious about the kit you are currently using. Is it from your dentist or another over the counter kit? If you get a kit from your dentist, then it will be custom fit to your bite. There should be no jaw pain when you are wearing it. If there is, you can simply cut back on the amount of time you wear the trays. Professional teeth whitening is more potent than anything you’ll get over the counter so you get more bang for your buck when it is in use.

I hope this helps.
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