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Do Holistic Dentists Cost More?


Do Holistic Dentists Cost More?

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I really, REALLY want to get rid of my old silver amalgam fillings. My current dentist doesn’t believe in taking them out and says that I am panicking over nothing. I am certain that these need to come out and I think the only way it will happen is if I switch to a holistic dentist. I am just a bit concerned that they will cost a lot more money because of the specialty. Do you happen to know if they are more expensive?


Dear Kristie,

Before and After Mercury free Fillings

I feel like your current dentist is not the best dentist for you even after you have these fillings removed. First, he is not keeping up with his profession. While the American Dental Association does say that amalgam fillings are safe, there are modern alternatives that do not have mercury at all. Second, he’s blowing off your concerns. It is your body and your teeth. You should be allowed to feel safe with both.

It may help you to know that a holistic dentist is not a recognized specialty. It is more a philosophy of treatment. That means that they will not charge specialist prices, but around what a general dentist charges. That being said, dentists set their own prices. Some holistic dentists will be more expensive than others.

The good news is that because of their philosophy, they will not just consider your teeth, but the health of your whole body. As a result, they will be much more willing to remove your amalgam fillings and exchange them for the composite ones. As holistic dentists, they should also know the safest way to do that. Because of the high mercury content, it will be important they do a sanitary amalgam removal.

If you have trouble finding a holistic dentist in your area, you can still get the help you need from a mercury-free dentist. They are easier to find and will also know how to do a sanitary amalgam removal.

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